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Food Distribution during COVID - 19

Food Distribution during COVID – 19

300 Deserving Families Received Food Assistance during COVID - 19

Since February 2020 COVID – 19 pandemic has severely affected Pakistan and as preventive measure, provincial and federal governments have announced complete lockdown. In addition to health emergency, the COVID – 19 has also cause food insecurity and livelihood issue, especially for daily wages workers. Considering the severity of the problem, MRC initiated the campaign and reached out to local philanthropists and organizations for seeking food assistance for the under-served women headed households.

In response to MRC’s call for action for ration distribution, three organizations, i.e.; IDSP Quetta, Kiran foundation and PYAR Foundation supported the cause. MRC distributed food items to 300 deserving families for two month, which were surviving on daily wage labor that was discontinued due to COVID – 19 lockdown.

During the relief distribution activity, the recipients offered gratitude to MRC for thoughtful and helping gesture.


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