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School of Scholars

School of Scholars

Helping those in need

Sumera Meboob, the founder,  really wanted to work for education rights in Balochistan especially for girls education not only sake of knowledge but in a sense of philosophy where children learn through experience, research, and form of holistic knowledge which is based on rights, advocacy and independency. She is an education advocate striving to change the attitude of people who are against women’s education, despite opposition and threats from many community elders. she is the first from her family to be educated and began championing this right to education in my hometown. Children in Balochistan face many obstacles when trying to get education, such as problems of access, poor quality schooling or family pressure to go to work. For girls the situation is even more difficult, with many parents still viewing education as unnecessary and preferring that girls stay at home. This inequality planted a seed in her to change things. 

She started thinking to establish an education system which is child friendly and build generation of great research oriented minds that would be foundation stone of producing future leaders as the current system of schooling cannot fulfill the requirements. Since she belong to the rural area of Balochistan, so she decided to establish school in area where the children of down trodden class should take the benefit that will help them to come into the mainstream of all walks of life. Finally, she succeeded to achieve a milestone and established school for girls in 2015 in my community with the name of school of scholars.

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