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Mechanism for Rational Change is a non-government not for profit company registered on May , 2014, and set up under a license of Balochistan Charities & Regulation Authority (BCRA). It is governed by a 9-member Board comprising 8 elected directors and the chief executive officer. The Board is elected for a three-year term from a General Body with equal representation from Balochistan, Pakistan.

The General Body is the owner of the Organization under the law responsible for providing guidance to MRC in its programme, governance and legal affairs. It has 9 members who give their time on a voluntary basis. Members come from a wide range of professions related to social development and are carefully identified to ensure gender balance and equal representation.

The Board of Directors is the governing and policymaking body of the organization. As the governing body, the BoD is ultimately responsible and accountable for the programme direction, financial and strategic management of the organization. The Board approves strategies and operational plans, and directs the institutional and organizational development of MRC. The 9 Members become Directors of the Board through elections from the General Body. Who is the CEO, is appointed by the Board.  The MRC Board has been constituted in such a manner so as to ensure a balance in its membership both in terms of gender and provincial representation.

Board of Directors

Sumera Mehboob

Sumera Mehboob is the founder and director of the Mechanism for

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